5 Things To Consider Before An Office Renovation Project

5 Things To Consider Before An Office Renovation Project

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A renovation work of your office space is undoubtedly a very exciting task. Redesigning and remodelling the place, complete with modern amenities and new washrooms, is a re-energizing prospect for the employees. It also provides your clients with an environment that is more welcoming than otherwise.

However, a wrong choice of the office renovation contractor and you can be left facing endless frustration and untold financial misery with the end result of the work. So before you undertake an office interior design Singapore, take a look at the five things that need to be taken into consideration.

  • Landlord’s share in the project: What is the exact share of the project cost that your landlord is bearing for the renovation of your office space? In a typical situation, when you sign a new contract for lease of an office space, your landlord is expected to provide funding for the overall renovation project at a prescribed rate. In case you are not getting this benefit, do not hesitate to send in a petition to your landlord. This will be of immense help when you take into account the overall expenses of your office renovation Singapore project.
  • Avoid being tempted by the lowest bid: Human nature suggests that you are most likely to go ahead with the lowest bid from one of the prospecive renovation contractors. However, always keep in mind that you get only what you pay for (probably a whole lot lesser but certainly nothing more). Also, it is important to understand that some of the general contractors simply put in a tremendously low bid just so that they can get hold of the project ahead of their competitors. That is no indication that you are earning a worthy deal for these office renovation contractors often resort to altering their pricing structure multiple times over the course of the remodelling project.
  • Fixed fee pricing or not: Irrespective of who your contractor is for the office interior design Singapore project, always ask them up front whether they wish to go ahead with a fixed fee pricing structure. If they are not, then that makes for a cause for concern and you need to find out the reason for the same. A contractor who does not commit to fixed fee pricing is more likely to alter and increase the pricing plan over the course of the project at a time when you won’t have an alternative, unless you are fine with scrapping the renovation project altogether.
  • Adhering to the project deadline: Time is money, and I’m sure you don’t want me to stress on this saying even one bit! So it is important that you find yourself in your new office at exactly the time you had planned in mind. A day’s delay can result in unthinkable costs for you as well as your business. Ensure that your office renovation contractor Singapore follows Quality Project Management principles which is essential for a project to be completed on time. Let them finish the work ahead of schedule but see to it that they do not overshoot the deadline by any means.
  • Insured contractors should be the preferred choice: Once you have a prospective renovation contractor in mind, ask them whether they have an insurance in place. The importance of this cannot be stressed enough as you stand to incur heavy losses if something goes wrong with the professional and they do not have an insurance. Take a step further and ask how much insurance they have if the contractor claims to be insured.

Keeping in mind these five important aspects before starting out is sure to help you a lot with your office interior design Singapore. If you are looking for further consultation before taking a final decision, consider getting in touch with a professional office renovation Singapore contractors to know more.


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